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Sweet Salve.ation

Eczema and sensitive skin has been a part of our story since we were young. Two out of three sisters have had eczema flare ups since childhood. The middle sister also struggles with hypersensitive skin; and often had allergic reactions to most medicines. 


The memory of them scratching to gain a sense of relief with only a few natural remedies provided by our great grandmother, fed life into our present...


Fast forward to today, Antoinette became a mother of two amazing little girls. One of which has eczema; both have allergies and skin sensitivity. Medical grade creams were tried to no avail. She wanted something natural, with less side effects. Jamaican Sweet Salve.ation was born. It worked for her daughter, so she shared it with her little sister, as well. The middle sister began using it to treat her adult eczema and to soothe her sensitive skin.



It is our hope that we can naturally soothe the skin of eczema and psoriasis sufferers all over. By providing a salve, that not only calms, but provides a natural skin exfoliant. 


From our great grandmother to you...spreading the one love and positive vibes of our culture; whilst utilizing all natural, vegetarian ingredients..... We honor our Jamaican heritage and familial ties.

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